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Lover Of Creating Flavours

Anita-Clare Field

My site was injected with malware by hackers. Trying to resolve the problem by myself and contacting my hosting provider for help didn’t get me far. I have now given up and called in StopTheHacker who helped me out of a massive hole last week with my other site. They were very helpful and professional, not to mention how unbelievable fast they got the problem solved. Thoroughly recommended.

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John Bartel - wrightssoundgallery.com

Wright’s Sound Gallery

John Bartle

My website was attacked by malicious hackers who injected php malware into my hosting account. I wrote to StopTheHacker’s support line and got a quick response back. They got on the job, used their cleanup process and removed the malware from my website. Throughout the process they sent me emails and communicated with me about the status of the cleanup. I would recommend StopTheHacker to anyone who values the reputation of their website and wants to focus on their business rather than worrying about the security of their website.

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Renaissance Cotons

Lynn Baron

My website was hacked by malicious hackers and infected with malware. Google subsequently blacklisted my site. I chose StopTheHacker to help me detect and remove the malware from my site. They were quick to respond on a Saturday, and kept a good communication channel open. The first scan came within minutes of signing up, pointing out the malware, and then their team got to work. They contacted my hosting company and quickly removed the malware from my site. They sent me an email with instructions on how to submit my site for a review to Google. When I woke up at 7am the next morning, my site was back up! What a relief. I would definitely recommend StopTheHacker to anyone who cares to protect their website from malware and wants hands on help when needed.

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Computers & Solutions

Hector Fabio Daza

Seven of my websites were hit with a malware attack. The malware kept recurring and caused major headaches for me. I chose StopTheHacker to help me with hacking incident. They were professional, very responsive, they worked on my site using their cleanup process and removed the recurring malware from my htaccess files. I would recommend StopTheHacker to anyone who has either suffered from a malware attack, has got their site blacklisted and in general to anyone who cares about the reputation of their site. StopTheHacker provides peace of mind.

Thanks so very much again and GOD BLESS you.
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Pane e Paradossi

Arcana Black

I want to thank everyone for their invaluable help and the professionalism demonstrated. And though you were fantastic, I hope not having to contact (and disturbing) more ^ _ ^

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La Vie Céleste

Teri Dourmashkin

As much as I was relieved with the removal of the malware infection and restoration of our site, I was equally impressed with how quickly StopTheHacker responded to my crisis.

Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable in their field, but the customer service was superb. I was emailed quickly, detailing the diagnostics, tools and services StopTheHacker would provide to get my website fixed and protected. StopTheHacker was available for follow up phone calls as well, and as a business owner, I know how important customer service is in addition to the value of the product or services being offered. Read the full story

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feinbrand Digital

Kay Schlemenat

Being an international web agency with high potential customers it is obvious for us that we care about the security of our website and online business as well as to protect our visitor and customers on being infected. StopTheHacker delivers a perfect, easy to use and best of breed solution for this. But not only that, StopTheHacker gives us the possibility to easily implement a comprehensive protection against hacker attacks for our clients easily.

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Christopher Imaging

Todd Christopher

I found StopTheHacker on the Internet and learned they are more on the cutting edge of this type of service. Once I found them and read about their use of AI-based analytics and machine learning to detect and resolve new malware attacks, it didn’t take me long to give them a call.

I was very pleased at the speed of StopTheHacker’s response. What I really appreciated was their personal involvement in our problem. They took control over a situation I didn’t have the background to resolve on my own.  And it turns out they became a quick and easy solution for me. Read the full story

Props n Frocks Fancy Dress

Adele Wiseman

Following two major virus attacks, and blacklisting by Google on our website www.props-n-frocks.co.uk, we had to look for a company who could provide a professional and reliable virus scan to protect our customers and our site in the future. stopthehacker.com have been very helpful and provided us with excellent customer service.

The [trustmarks] that are now showing on our site also prove to our customers that we are doing all we can to protect them against rogue code and viruses. I am so happy with stopthehacker.com that we intend to use them for two other sites that we have as well. I might also add that it’s nice to have the piece of mind that we are notified daily whether or not we are attacked.

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