• Custom WAF protection for web platforms

    Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are an integral part of the security stance for most companies. This piece of software protects websites as a first layer of defense from malicious attacks. StopTheHacker customers can now get access to this important technology by visiting our parent company—CloudFlare. Below we present a more detailed description of how a StopTheHacker customers can make use of CloudFlare’s WAF. At the moment you will need to your site on CloudFlare separately; however, in the coming months we will be merging both product lines into one seamless experience.

    If you use one of the common web platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Plone, WHMCS, or Joomla, you may be interested in how CloudFlare’s WAF ruleset can help protect your site.

    CloudFlare automatically pushes updates its WAF when new vulnerabilities are found. So if you enable the relevant ruleset for your web platform, then you’ll be protected the moment new rules are published.

    For common problems CloudFlare has rolled out protection across the board. For example, they rolled out Heartbleed protection and Shellshock protection, however, for technology-specific updates it’s best to enable the appropriate ruleset in the CloudFlare WAF Settings.

    For further information see this CloudFlare Blog.