• CloudFlare’s Privacy Policy Annual Review

    CloudFlare makes an annual review of its privacy policy. Our internal committee of legal, policy, and engineering has completed its annual review of the CloudFlare privacy policy and concluded that the policy is working well, serving our customers needs. So, we have decided not to change our privacy policy at all.

    Given this outcome, we have decided to rewrite the privacy policy of StopTheHacker, a company CloudFlare acquired last November, to follow the to follow the CloudFlare model. CloudFlare wants to insure that StopTheHacker customers benefit from the same philosophy and respect for privacy that our CloudFlare customers are accustomed to.

    In order to be transparent, we will continue to post all versions of our privacy policy to our GitHub repo and to provide a .pdf of the policy tracking those changes. We will continue to explain why we made certain changes. Given that we have rewritten the StopTheHacker policy to follow the CloudFlare policy the tracked changes version is, unfortunately, a bit dense.

    We are doing this because we believe that our customers should be aware of the nature of our legal relationship. Our guiding philosophy has always been, and will continue to be, that the personal information you provide to us is just that: personal and private. CloudFlare will not sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information without your consent. Until next year, we hope you will enjoy your privacy and that we can continue to earn your trust.