• How to set up Server-Side Scanning for your website

    The new server-side scanning features are available with release 3.7 and includes the following new features within the Professional and above editions:

    • Phishing Page Detection
    • PHP Spam Shell Detection
    • Webpage Defacement Detection
    • Insecure Folder Permissions Detection
    • .htaccess Hack Detection
    • Website Error Reporting

    For detailed information on the individual features, please check out our Feature page

    The new server-side scanning is visible in your dashboard directly in the dashboard overview within the “Malware Detection” section. You now there can see an additional pie chart named “Server” as well as two indicators for redirects and phishing pages.

    Clicking on the “Action+” button brings you to the detailed report for the malware detection, which is now also divided into server and application level malware scans. A click on the “More details” next to each scanned part brings up even more details on the scan.

    To activate the server-side scanning for your domain (if eligible) select the domain you want to set-up the server-side scanning for. Then click on the “Service Settings” navigation point on the left hand in the side menu below the selected domain.

    You can chose either to enter your FTP or SSH information, or booth.  The tab for the FTP information is pre-selected. Enter the FTP information including the target FTP domain, like ftp.mysite.com, the port (usually 22) and your login information (username and password).  When setting up the server-side scanning you also automatically set-up your automatic malware removal feature (if eligible) which uses the same information. For the automatic malware removal please select if you would like StopTheHacker to automatically go into your site and remove malware whenever found (default), or not.

    To enter your SSH credentials, simply click on the tab “SSH Settings” and fill the requested information, including Hostname, Port and Username and Password and confirm this by clicking the button “Setup)

    Note: You may not have access to this tab if your account has been set up by a partner of StopTheHacker. In this case, please contact the company who set up your account at StopTheHacker or contact support@stopthehacker.com.