• The Grinch Chronicles: 2012 and Data Theft

    A guest article by Jane Andrew.

    While we revel in the merry spirit of Christmas as the year ends, somewhere in this world there is a large group of menacing Grinchs that are having a little celebration of their own. However, it is not because they have come up with yet another plan to steal Christmas; it is but due to the fact that they have spent all of last year stealing something which has been a lot more worth their while.

    These data stealing Grinchs seem to have had a ball with the latest technology in the year gone by as they have gone around lifting confidential data off people’s systems and websites with their hacking and malware tools; and it certainly does not end at that.

    Their stealthy activities have just taken a start and it seems like they are set on taking advantage of their newly found charade to the maximum before calling it quits. While it is next to impossible to make them give up on the entire idea, there is a lot that we can do in order to shield ourselves from their devious attacks.

    View our infographic to educate yourself regarding the trend of their activities in the past one year so that you can better protect your system.


    Source: MobiStealth.com