• The Marriage of SSL & Malware Monitoring

    A guest article by Steve Waite, CEO, GlobalSign Americas

    As a security company we always encourage our customers to take a layered approach to security by understanding the risks and implementing appropriate solutions. GlobalSign is a CA, and we provide one component of such a strategy – SSL. As SSL is primarily used on webservers, we tend to have close relationships with web admins and understand the full spectrum of risks such admins face every day. One such problem is the growing danger of attackers breaching your webserver, not necessarily to steal data, but to use your webserver to host and distribute malware (viruses, Trojans, etc.). It makes sense, why risk running your own server when you can parasitically use someone else’s?

    So we have long seen the value in services that help admins avoid the problems of hosting malware unknowingly. We also see immense value for our SSL customers to have direct access to this kind of service. This is why we’re proud to partner with StopTheHacker to provide malware monitoring services to our customer base. We believe the service complements SSL very closely and helps us provide a fully rounded and valuable on-going security service to our hundreds of thousands of customers.

    StopTheHacker will provide GlobalSign SSL customers with immediate protection; scanning the entire portfolio of pages on the site and to display the ‘malware free’ Trust Seal on their site; assuring visitors that the site is safe to browse. Depending on the type of SSL Certificate purchased will determine which features are automatically included as standard, but all StopTheHacker’s services are available to GlobalSign customers should they wish to upgrade to these more advanced cyber service levels and technologies, with bespoke solutions available for larger enterprises and hosting providers.

    So why StopTheHacker? We feel that StopTheHacker shares the same vision and mission that we do. We like to innovate and we like to disrupt in our industry. So does StopTheHacker. Malware is a big problem, and we’re happy to have a partner that’s fighting against it. Raise your glasses to the new marriage of SSL and malware monitoring.

    For more information view GlobalSign’s latest press release or check out their full range of SSL Certificates at https://www.globalsign.com/ssl/