• Consequences of your website being blacklisted by Google

    Safe Browsing Warning9.500 websites are blacklisted by Google on a daily basis due to malware infection. The malware infection are the results of a hacker attack on your website. When your website does get infected with malware there are devastating consequences:

    1. Your site gets blacklisted by major search engines, and this causes all major browsers like safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome to block access ot your website. Your website at this point is basically taken off the internet
    2. It takes 7-10 days on average to clean up from a hacking incident and get off the blacklists
    3. Damage to the website’s reputation lasts for a long time, customers do not want to visit a site that infected their PCs
    4. Hackers can not only infect your customers, but also steal sensitive customer information from your site, leading to a myriad of legal issues.

    And if you think it won’t happen to you, it probably will. Statistics say that 90% of the malware is distributed by legitimate websites and businesses just like yours. Consider the fact that close to 10,000 new sites get blacklisted every single day, could your website join the ranks of these unlucky sites?

    The consequences of being blacklisted are immense and vary from massive lost of revenue to a negative SEO impact.
    Consequences of being blacklisted

    • Website is not reachable for days (7-10 days on average of lost revenue) until you have removed the malware, submitted a request to Google, and Google removes you from their blacklist. This results in loss of revenue, orders, prospects and user confidence in the business.
    • The damage to your business reputation due to a malware attack and a resulted blacklisting are huge. Customers do not want to visit a site that infected their computer.
    • Another detriment from a hacker attack and malware infection is that emails may not be received as the domain can be blocked as a spam IP by Hosting providers.
    • Negative impact on SEO because of lost search engine rankings; it may take many weeks or months to attain those past search engine rankings.

    The problem is growing fast as hackers are attracted to the millions of new websites created as a result of easy and inexpensive ways to get companies online.

    Many website owners wrongly believe they’re already protected through their web hosting company or because they use common frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and more. This is not the case. Additionally, Firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, DLP systems are all complementary products; these do not protect you from web-malware infections.

    What does my Hoster protects me from

    • DDoS Attacks
    • Known malware such as malicious exes and some other kinds of malware

    How is StopTheHacker malware protection different from this?

    StopTheHacker is specialized in web malware detection and automatic removal, which is different from traditional AV engines or server protection.

    The most important technology is the ability to detect web malware that has not yet been registered in signature databases, which will let you know if your website is actually infected with malware which is different from Viruses: 

    StopTheHacker catches more malware: Our advanced artificial intelligence engine catches never before seen malware. Most solutions catch known malware and viruses already identified in signature databases. Unfortunately, the hackers also know these databases and as modern web technologies allow hackers to generate dynamic malware, more advanced methods are needed.

    And if you have StopTheHacker, we will remove the malware instantly from your website just like your Anti Virus software removes viruses form your PC:

    Automatic Cleanup: Other solutions only identify the malware, leaving the cleanup to you and or your web agency. Or they will remove it for you manually for a fee. StopTheHacker not only identifies the malware down to the line number, we also remove it programmatically with no human intervention. This ensures predictability, accuracy, automation, and scalability. And it means your malware is removed within seconds instead of having to wait for a person to remove it when they get into the office.
    Use StopTheHacker and don’t worry about getting hacked and blacklisted or infecting anyone through your website.

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