• How to: Use the new StopTheHacker Dashboard

    This article describes how to use the new dashboard with details on the new design, new features and why they are in place.

    If you rather like to watch a video then reading through this article, we have prepared a video on the new dashboard for you as well.

    New Dashboard 
    Our new dashboard allows our customers to access all existing functionality, but in a simpler, easier manner. Below, we present a series of screenshots and explanations to show you how you can accomplish the most common tasks. The image that immediately follows is what you will see when you visit your dashboard to check up on the status of scans.


    Overview of Scans

    The Overview page above shows the name of the domain that has been scanned on the left hand side navigation and provides you with the option of selecting any one of the four technologies used for scanning a site and view the details. You can click on (1) Malware – Is your website infected? (2) Vulnerability – Does your website have security weaknesses? (3) Reputation – How is your website perceived on the internet? (4) Performance – what kind of a user experience does your website provide? The pie charts show how many infected pages were found and what proportion of reputation sources (such as blacklists of various kinds – malware, spam, DNS etc.) have a favorable impression of your site.

    Feel free to click on the (?) icons and the gear icons next to each of the pie charts to see helpful tips and get access to modify your settings. You can also use the left hand side navigation at any point in time to get access to the various technologies or to your service settings. This is what our tooltips look like:


    You can click on [X] icon to close the tooltip, or wait for it to disappear automatically.

    Summary of Orders
    To get a complete list of all orders you placed with StopTheHacker, all you need to do is click on “Account” and then click on “All Orders” and you will see a page like the image below. You can use the search box on the right hand side and start to filter the results. Also, the columns in the table can be sorted by clicking on the column names – Domain, Scan Types and others:

    Orders Page

    Website Scan Overview
    Our new dashboard provides a quick and effective overview page. It lets you get a very good idea of what you should be concerned about – malware, damage to reputation, website vulnerabilities, poor website performance. The Overview page can be accessed by clicking on any of the domain names on the left hand side navigation. Feel free to click on the tooltip icon (?) to learn more about what each pie chart displays. The Overview page looks like the image below:


    Changing Settings for Scans
    In our new dashboard, it’s really easy to change service settings! Just click on the service settings in the left hand side navigation, as shown below and you will be able to modify details about your alert email, alerting frequency and auto cleanup settings (image below).

    Service-Settings – 1
    Service-Settings – 2

    Account Information
    Account information is easily accessible  through our new dashboard. All you need to do is click on the Account tab in the top navigation bar and you will be able to fill in your personal details. These details are required for us to provide you with affiliate cash rewards. The account page also provides access to all your order information, all transaction showing payment history and the ability to pay your bill, just click on the options on the left hand side navigation. An image is provided below.


    Disabling/Enabling Scans
    It’s really easy to enable scans that were previously disabled or to disable scans that are currently enabled. Just visit the Accounts page and click on All Orders and you can click on Enable/Disable next to each domain that you have set up for scanning, just like the image below.


    Website Performance Information
    The new dashboard provides detailed information about the performance metrics of your website. The dashboard displays the performance information the overview page related to any domain that you have registered for scanning with StopTheHacker. Please feel free to click on the name of a domain on the left hand side navigation and you will be able to see the performance metrics – uptime and web page load speed over a 30 day period. The image below represents the measured speed of a sample site and the uptime. The ed coloe in the uptime graph represents that the website was down for at least some time during the measurement period.

    Website Performance

    Website Reputation Information
    Finding out what the Internet thinks about your website is extremely important. In our new dashboard it is easier than ever to find out the reputation of your website. Just click on the domain you are interested in by using the left hand side navigation and you will be able to see the reputation information as the image below shows. There are three pie charts. Each pie chart shows reputation information for a group of reputation sources. To see the various data sources that are part of each pie chart click on the Reputation link on the left hand side navigation. The detailed reputation page will appear as below.

    Reputation – 1
    Reputation – 2

    Website Scan History
    In case you want to see all the scans that have been conducted for your websites, feel free to click on the Scan History link, which is always present at the top of the left hand side navigation.

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