• How to: StopTheHacker Trust Seal

    We have launched a completely new trust seal, one that clearly conveys the safety status and last scan date of your website. This new trust seal also projects an invaluable sense of trust to your website’s visitor. In this article we provide information on how to get access to the trust seal.

    New Trust Seal
    It has been shown that displaying a trust seal on your website, thereby gaining your customers trust and confidence, increases conversions by more than 10%. The new trust seal available by StopTheHacker offers a simple process.  The trust seal looks like the images below.

    StopTheHacker Trust Seal
    Pop up page

    How to install the Trust Seal

    New Dashboard Trust Seal

    New Dashboard Trust Seal

    • In the older dashboard click on “Get Embed Code”, just like the image below.
    Old Dashboard Trust Seal

    Old Dashboard Trust Seal

    What Does the Trust Seal Show
    The trust seal shows the service level that your website is subscribed to, the last date your site was scanned and whether your site’s subscription is active or not.

    Earn Money!
    The new trust seal now makes it more easy to become an affiliate and earn money by proudly displaying the security trust seals on your website. Remember, for anyone who clicks on your trust seal, visits StopTheHacker’s site and buys a service, you will get 20% commission from the sale!

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