• Check out StopTheHacker’s New Dashboard and Trust Seal

    StopTheHacker has completely redesigned its dashboard. It’s faster, easier to use, more intuitive and easy on the eyes. Yes, we have tried to make the customer experience for our community of security conscious website owners better. This dashboard allows customer to get access to frequently used features more easily, cutting down the amount of time you need to modify settings, view details and much more.

    The brand new dashboard makes it easy for you to:

    • Understand the security status of you site
    • Launch Malware detection scans on all your pages
    • Launch Vulnerability assessment scans on your site
    • Get access to historical reports
    • Set up a scan for you site in seconds, literally!
    • Get access to useful features like auto cleanup, uptime and speed monitoring
    • Get quick access to your notifications area

    Here’s a quick “How to use the new dashboard” video. We also prepared a blog article on “How to use the new dashboard” if you prefer to read through the detailed information.

    Oh! and did we mention that you can get a brand new trust seal to put on your site! This trust seal conveys clearly the status, last scan date and projects a sense of trust to the website’s visitor.

    • The trust seal can increase conversions on your website by more than 10%
    • You can earn money by putting your affiliate link on your site and by using the trust seal!

    StopTheHacker Trust Seal

    To get your trust seal now just click on the “Service Settings” link after you click on any domain name in your dashboard.
    To get more information on the new StopTheHacker trust seal we prepared a “How to: The new StopTheHacker Trust Seal” guide for you.

    Check out the Beta release of the new dashboard now!

    Translations in German and other languages for the new dashboard will be available soon. The current user dashboard is still available, in German and English at https://panel.stopthehacker.com.

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