• StopTheHacker Customer Case Study: La Vie Céleste

    La Vie Céleste is an all-natural, anti-aging skin care line that provides commercial quality skin care at affordable prices. Founded and led by Dr. Teri Dourmashkin, who holds her Doctorate in Health Education, the La Vie Céleste skin care collection is known for featuring the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. Committed to health and healing, Dr. Dourmashkin has invested more than 15 years’ research in natural, non-toxic skin care, believing that healthy skin is vital to overall health.

    La Vie Céleste skin care products are available through a variety of sales channels including retail stores and wholesale through licensed estheticians, but 95 percent of all of La Vie Céleste sales come through online sales at the La Vie Céleste website.

    La Vie Céleste skin care products are available through a variety of sales channels including retail stores and wholesale through licensed estheticians, but 95 percent of all of La Vie Céleste sales come through online sales at the La Vie Céleste website.

    Website Malware Attacks: Targeting the Unsuspecting

    La Vie Céleste is among many businesses that have increasingly become unsuspecting targets of website malware attacks. These often undetected attacks can prevent customer website access, cost valuable sales, and severely harm business reputation. Every day more than 6,000 websites are targeted for web malware attacks, often resulting in their blacklisting by Google as security threats and their elimination from Google search results.

    In 2011, La Vie Céleste’s website was a target of a malware attack that infected the site. Customers who attempted to access the site were redirected to a landing page that warned them the site could be harmful, alarming customers and prompting some to contact La Vie Céleste with complaints.  Later through the help of a consultant Dr. Dourmashkin discovered her skin care site was infected with malicious code, but not before being semi-blacklisted by Google and suffering dramatic reductions in search hits and sales to customers, as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

    “When I first heard customer complaints with my site, I contacted my web hosting provider to find out what was going on. They responded by scanning my website with their own anti-virus scanner, but said they could not find any malicious code. They insisted that there was nothing there and nothing was wrong with my site,” Dourmashkin said. “I soon learned that even if you are doing anti-virus scans on your site, you can develop a false sense of security because it is not 100 percent accurate. It was a very embarrassing and alarming situation.”

    Damaging Malware Attack Is Resolved with StopTheHackers Website Security Suite

    With a suspicious website malware infection but no awareness of the problem by her hosting provider,  let alone urgency to repair it, Dr. Dourmashkin began searching online for solutions. She first found a consultant who quickly performed diagnostic tests, detecting the malicious code and identifying its nature.  The consultant accurately identified the malware its location on the La Vie Céleste website, but that was half the challenge with a website malware infection.  Until fully removed the malicious code would continue to deter customers and invite Google search results scrutiny.

    “After learning my hosting provider could not provide the support I needed, I started Googling people for help to deal with the problem,” Dourmashkin said.   “Fortunately I found a good consultant who is very knowledgeable and was able to inform me what the malicious codes were and where they were on the site.  He was very helpful to precisely identify the malware and its source, but his services are diagnostic. Unfortunately he doesn’t provide the services to remove malware. It was good to have the malware detected and identified, but when your website is down one or two hours it is not that big of a deal, but if you are down for a day because of a problem like this, you lose a lot of sales,” Dourmashkin said.

    Continuing to work with her consultant to determine the full extent of the malware infection, she returned to searching online for a solution that could confirm the malware infection – and remove it from the La Vie Céleste site. On her search, Dr. Dourmashkin came across StoptheHacker with its description of a software suite that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect malware, automatically remove it, and protect websites from new infections. She researched the StopTheHacker website further and decided to turn to them for help.

    “I found StopTheHacker on a Google search and after reading more, I contacted them,” Dourmashkin said. “As soon as I made contact I received quick response from StopTheHacker to gather more background about the malware attack.  I immediately forwarded my consultant’s diagnostic report and very soon they concurred what the problem was and the actions needed to repair it.  The quick response and advised repair solution was reassuring and a source of relief,” she added.

    With trust quickly established, Dr. Dourmashkin did not hesitate to allow implementation of StopTheHacker’s software and services to resolve her problem. StopTheHacker rapidly set up and easily implemented their security tools, and within hours, La Vie Céleste’s malware attack was resolved, including removal of the malicious code and lifting of Google’s blacklisting of the site. Through StopTheHacker’s security features that continuously scan for malware using artificial intelligence and machine learning, La Vie Céleste’s website was thoroughly reviewed and restored to be free of malware.

    “As much as I was relieved with the removal of the malware infection and restoration of our site, I was equally impressed with how quickly StopTheHacker responded to my crisis, ” Dourmashkin said. “Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable in their field, but the customer service was superb. I was emailed quickly, detailing the diagnostics, tools and services StopTheHacker would provide to get my website fixed and protected. StopTheHacker was available for follow up phone calls as well, and as a business owner, I know how important customer service is in addition to the value of the product or services being offered.”

    In addition to the relief of a damaging online crisis resolved, La Vie Céleste’s website is now fully protected from current and future attacks.  StopTheHacker’s suite of security tools continuously scan the website, detect any suspicious code, and protect it before malware can infect the site.

    “StopTheHacker fully resolved the website attack and now I know I never have to worry about the potential embarrassment and stigma of being blacklisted on Google and losing sales and revenues,” Dourmashkin said. “I use StopTheHacker on an ongoing basis and I feel secure that the product is doing what it’s supposed to do. That’s what I’m paying for. I have told many people about StopTheHacker because I now have peace of mind, which is great.”

    Benefits of StopTheHacker for La Vie Céleste:

    • Automatic prevention, detection and recovery from malware and hacker attacks.
    • Continuous threat scans providing constant website security protection.
    • Self-adapting capabilities that constantly monitor new strains of malware, building profiles.
    • Reduced risk of infecting visitors and elimination of the need for malware removal by inexperienced users.

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