• How to set up Automatic Malware Cleanup for your site

    Visit “panel.stopthehacker.com” in your web browser. If you don’t have an StopTheHacker account you can sign-up for one of our four editions easily. When logged in to the panel you will see your dashboard.  Here you will see a number of notifications in the top area of the dashboard, as sown below.

    Click on “Setup Now” for each website for which you wish to enable Automatic Cleanup. You will be directed to the settings page for the Automatic Malware Cleanup as shown below.

    Enter the FTP information (other protocols like SFTP, SSH will be supported soon) including the target FTP domain, like ftp.mysite.com, the port (usually 22) and your login information (username and password). Then select if you would like StopTheHacker to automatically go into your site and remove malware whenever found, or not.