• Blogutils.net Tumblr Hack

    A recent spate of hacking incidents has led to the compromise of the popular website blogutils.net. Blogutils.net provides website utilities like visit counters that can be embedded on websites built using popular software.

    Many websites, including some accounts created on tumblr.com have been recently blacklisted by Google. The primary reason for this is the compromise of blogutils.net which has allowed malware to be distributed on these benign sites via utilities like counters that are used by website around the world.

    Website names on tumblr.com have the following format:


    About the attack
    Websites that are facing this problem may see malware links to some of the sites listed below via malicious iframes and redirections.


    A screenshot of the blogutils.net website being blacklisted by Google is shown below.

    How to remove the malicious code
    If you are facing this problem on your site, remove the blogutils.net code (e.g. a visitor counter) for the time being. When blogutils.net has recovered from the attack you may re-enable the utility code on your website.

    We will post more details in forthcoming posts.

    How do I protect my site?
    StopTheHacker.com customers are protected against these kind of threats. If you would like more information on how to protect your website, please feel free to contact us. You can also visit our services page to protect your website now.

    Till next time…

    • Thank you for sharing this important information.
      Also, thank you for providing this great service. :)

      Anyway, if you could add option for email newsletter it will be better, so the subscriber can get your update directly on the email account, so people will always get the update and miss nothing.

      Posted by Kimberly on September 27th

    • Kimberly, we appreciate your feedback and ideas. We are considering publishing a StopTheHacker newsletter via email, however we do not have an email newsletter at this time. In the meantime, please consider subscribing to our RSS feed via the orange RSS icon in our right sidebar. Many of our readers follow our RSS feed via Google Reader. I believe that Google Reader has a feature that will send you RSS feed updates via email if you desire.

      Posted by admin on September 27th

    • i removed it from my blog and yet i still can not see my blog :-(

      Posted by MYROOMISWHITE on September 29th