• Hack a Facebook account: only $100!

    PandaLabs announced the discovery of an online service that promises to hack into any Facebook account for $100.

    The service’s creators claim, “Any Facebook account can be hacked,” promising to provide clients with the login and password credentials to access any account on the popular social networking site.

    “The service’s real purpose may be hacking Facebook accounts as they say, or profiting from those that want to try the service,” says Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs. “In any case, the Web page is very well-designed. It is easy to contract the service and become either the victim of an online fraud, or a cybercriminal and accomplice in identity theft.

    It is likely that the cybercriminals behind this operation are members of an Eastern European Internet mafia because payments are conducted online through Western Union wire transfers to a payee in Ukraine, PandaLabs says. “The domain that hosts the service is registered in Moscow, providing further evidence of this theory,” the research lab says.

    The hackers claim to have been offering this service for four years and that only 1 percent of accounts proved to be hack-proof. In these cases, they offer clients a money-back guarantee.

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