• A linux webserver botnet exposed

    A lot of people who use Linux based systems often say that “Linux is just so free of problems well, here’s a piece of news that should grab their attention. I do agree though that *nix based systems are somewhat more secure than windows based system, but that’s no reason to be stupid :-) .

    This should be of interest to hosting companies or people who run their own VPSs .

    “Each of the infected machines examined so far is a dedicated or virtual dedicated server running a legitimate website, Denis Sinegubko, an independent researcher based in Magnitogorsk, Russia, told The Register. But in addition to running an Apache web server to dish up benign content, they’ve also been hacked to run a second web server known as nginx, which serves malware.”

    “What we see here is a long awaited bot-net of zombie web servers! A group of interconnected infected web servers with [a] common control center involved in malware distribution,”

    The finding highlights the continuing evolution of bot herders as they look for new ways to issue commands to the hundreds of thousands of infected zombies under their control.

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