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    • my site are atteck form malware . how to fix it.

      Posted by createen on June 26th

    • Hello,

      Jaal Scan ID # 893256-936 output

      Malicious code detected on line 39 of http://www.soccer-roo.com/chat.html

      starts with

      <!–do cume nt.write(“<iframe src=’http://free.7m.cn/live.asp>

      Please look at the copy of the page on the server, if you cannot locate this code, it is probably being injected at runtime, when a user is requesting the page. It might be useful to then wipe out the hosting directory and check for malware, on the server and in the backend database. You can also ask for help from your hosting provider. Please check out other pages too.

      We provide the best in vulnerability identification and mitigation services to help websites from being infected in the first place.

      Jaal LLC, Riverside, CA.
      Jaal: Protecting the Internet, one website at a time™

      Posted by anirban on June 29th

    • our site is black listed by google. please check it.

      Posted by Varsha on September 5th

    • google says my site has malware. Site files haven’t changed in 3 years. can you scan it?

      Posted by hacktracker on February 12th

    • @hacktracker
      hacktracker, why don’t you contact us via our support form and tell us more about your issue? One of our admins will be happy to help you.

      Posted by admin on February 13th